Goddard is Jimmy Neutron's dog in the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius series. Goddard is a metallic feline and has many programmable options that Jimmy, his owner, controls. Goddard impresses a lot of people in Retroville, yet the population sometimes mistakes him for a real dog. Some people have also been seen to not like it at times.  Goddard acts like a real dog sometimes, yet ruins these moments by doing something only robotics do.


Goddard is a metallic dog invented by his owner, Jimmy Neutron. He has a bluish steel cubic body that has visible screws and bolts. His arms are made up of dark industrial tubing that connect to bright metal feet. His head is made up of the same material as his torso area and has the same color. His cranium area is translucent, revealing electrical surges near the rear, connecting to an antennae. His tail extends fairly long and is made of a metal-like substance. His ears are flabby, showing that they might be made of rubber, as well as his tongue, which are both clearly not made out of metal. His eyes are made of clear polyurethane lenses that allow Goddard to see well and at long distances.

In The FutureEdit

In an episode called The Tomorrow Boys Goddard is seen as a decrepit dog, although this happens 10 years later, assuming he doesn't take care of him.


As Goddard is programmable, he does have many default options he was made with. Goddard has rockets located in his feet, which allows him to hover at high distances for long periods of time. The petroleum tank is located in his torso area. Goddard can run at fast speeds, some reaching that similar to gazelles and cheetahs. Goddard can also emit barks that are high on the decibel charts, some even reaching frequencies shown to break glass. Goddard has the ability to leap long distances using springs that can extend from his feet at high speeds. He is also known for making decisions for Jimmy at times.

Appearences In FanonEdit