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Jimmy Neutron: Sole Survivor is a spin-off series created by Chrisvader1234. The series follow Jimmy Neutron and
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friend who gain powers who are some of the last survivors on the planet and have to find there parent who are captured by some of the worst enemies they have faced.



  • Jimmy Neutron as The Leader. As the genius brains of his group, he leads them into battle whenever needed. As his intelligence is higher than the others he has been able to operate technology with telokenesis.
  • Sheen Estevez as Ultra Lord. Basing his place in the group off his favorite super-hero, Ultra Lord. With the experiment failure he is able to have super-strength. He is usually the first of the team to be called into battle.
  • Carl Wheezer as the Llama Lover. Carl became part-llama when the experiment failure occured. He can now run really fast and with the legs of a llama he can create powerful kicks.
  • Cindy Vortex as the Warrior. She is now able to gain fierce instincts in battle. This is usually very helpful when the team encounters enemies. Though she acts tough she still secretly has a crush on Jimmy.
  • Libby Folfax as the Popstar. Her voice has been amplified so that she can hypnotize people into do what ever she sings about. After she joined the group she soon discovered she had feelings for Sheen.


  • Hugh Neutron is the father of Jimmy Neutron. He is recently captured by Jimmy's worst enemies and location is undetermined.
  • Judy Neutron is the mother of Jimmy Neutron. She is also been captured by Jimmy's enemies and location is undetermined as well.



1. The Incident - By Chrisvader1234. Aired on December 27, 2012. (Hiatus Since Dec 25)

Jimmy Neutron accidently sets off a nuclear weapon that he had been experimenting with but it causes an explosion destroying most of the human race. Jimmy and his friends blast into space returning to a dark empty planet. They soon find out there parents survived and are captured by Jimmy's worst enemies. But with there new powers can they save there families!


  • This is the oldest spin-off.
  • This was originally named Jimmy Neutron: In Space.
  • You can still find the series card for Jimmy Neutron: In Space