Judy Neutron.

Judy Neutron is Jimmy Neutron's mother in the series, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. As she does care and support Jimmy, she can quite strict when she comes in contact with things that do not sit well with her. She has a compulsion to clean the house Jimmy lives in, which can become quite tedious when she becomes involved in a mystery in the series. She is married to Hugh Neutron, a man that lacks intelligence. Carl Wheezer, a friend of Jimmy, seems to be quite fond to Judy, as he has an affection for her.


Judy Neutron is a regular-sized woman with a uniquely-sized head, a gene passed on to her son, Jimmy. Judy wears a green dress as part of her outerwear along with a pearl necklace. She wears gold earrings and wears low heels. Her hair is light brown as her son inherits this gene as well. She has a mole on her face located in the lower right.

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